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18 January 2024, Singapore – Swire Projects, a projects and heavy lift shipping services division of Swire Shipping, is pleased to introduce the Western Australia Express (WAX) service, a monthly semi liner shipping service connecting major ports in China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, the rest of Southeast Asia, and Western Australia.

The service offers a combination of reliable departures and arrivals, along with dedicated base ports and the flexibility to include additional ports as needed, ensuring comprehensive coverage for its customers.

While specifically designed for breakbulk and project cargo, the WAX service employs Swire Projects’ versatile multipurpose heavy lift vessels designed to carry a wide range of cargo types, including traditional bulk cargoes. These include I-Type vessels (19,638DWT) with a lifting capacity of 2×240 tons (combinable SWL 480 tons), and the E/F-Type vessels (12,744DWT) with a lifting capacity of 2×120/150 tons (combinable SWL 240/300 tons). Both vessels complement the service, emphasising operational efficiency and secure transportation for both traditional bulk cargoes and specialised project cargo.

Namir Khanbabi, General Manager of Swire Projects, said, “We have held a keen focus on the Western Australian region as we endeavoured to better serve the businesses there. The WAX service stemmed from our recognition of the need for a dependable breakbulk and project cargo shipping service connecting Asia to the Pilbara region and the wider Western Australia. We are proud of the success the WAX service has seen since its launch and we look forward to continuing to provide our customers with safe, efficient, and flexible transportation solutions to meet their various needs.”

Additionally, in a mark of commitment to customers in the Pilbara region, Swire Projects’ parent company, Swire Shipping, has upgraded its North West Australia Direct (NWD) service. The service upgrade increases the frequency of deliveries directly into Port Hedland to every 10 days, including onward connections within Port Hedland via trucking.

The two services – WAX and NWD – will operate in tandem providing increased frequency, greater port coverage, schedule reliability, supply chain robustness and mitigated risk by having multiple delivery options connecting Western Australia and the rest of the world.

With this revamped network design, Swire Shipping is committed to offer end-to-end direct shipping and integrated last mile solutions for the Western Australian region, facilitating efficient cargo management and significantly reduced carbon emissions.

About Swire Projects
Swire Projects was established in October 2020 to provide specialist shipping services to the energy, renewable and infrastructure sector. By bringing together trade routes, a diversified fleet and technical expertise across the Swire Group’s marine activities, Swire Projects is set to lead a smart network of resources, enabling highly efficient, trusted and flexible shipping solutions to service clients in the project logistics sector, particularly project forwarders, EPCs, Heavy Civil and offshore energy construction players.

For more information, please see www.swireprojects.com.

About Swire Shipping
Swire Shipping is the wholly owned, deep-sea ship owning and operating arm of the multinational Swire group.

Headquartered in Singapore, Swire Shipping is dedicated to facilitating and growing trade in regions where it operates. Connecting over 400 ports, Swire Shipping provides several high frequency liner shipping services in the Asia Pacific markets; integrated logistics solutions in the Pacific; transpacific services between North Asia and the Pacific Northwest; and specialist shipping services to the global project logistics market under the brand name, Swire Projects. It specialises in providing a wide range of specialist customer solutions for project, heavy lift, refrigerated, breakbulk and mini bulk cargoes. Swire Shipping maintains a worldwide agency network in addition to its own representative offices across the Asia-Pacific, Pacific Islands, North America, and Europe, providing customers with dedicated service and expert market knowledge.

For more information, please visit www.swireshipping.com.

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