Swire Projects operates bespoke sailings solutions as well as regular semi liner services. Serving worldwide routes from Asia to the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia/New Zealand, Swire Projects is well suited to providing shipping solutions for a wide variety of industry projects.

Bespoke Sailings

Bespoke Sailings

Swire Projects provides bespoke sailings for global industrial projects to meet unique needs of each of our clients. We understand that every project and heavy lift cargo shipment can be different, so we work closely with our customers to ensure that their cargo is transported safely and efficiently.


Our bespoke sailings solution offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a more traditional liner shipping service. With bespoke sailings, our customers have the ability to book an entire vessel or a part of the vessel for their cargo, allowing for greater control over the shipping process.


Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for our customers, so they can focus on their core business while we take care of the shipment.


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Semi-Liner Services

Semi-Liner Service

Our semi-liner shipping services are designed to cater to customers’ demands for regular, scheduled departures and arrivals, without the need for a bespoke sailing solution.


We utilise specialised vessels that can carry containerised, breakbulk, heavy lift and project cargo to ensure that we can serve a variety industry clients and accommodate different cargo types and sizes on these routes.


We are committed to ensuring that our customers have a hassle-free and reliable shipping experience with Swire Projects, from start to finish.


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Industry Focus


Renewable energy is a rapidly growing industry, and with the increasing demand for clean energy, the need for experienced project and heavy lift shipping services has become more critical than ever.


Swire Projects is well-versed in the unique challenges of transporting heavy, oversized equipment for renewable energy projects. Whether you need to transport wind turbines, solar panels, or other renewable energy equipment, we offer dedicated transport engineering solutions, suitable vessels with the right lifting capabilities and years of expertise to get the cargo shipped efficiently and safely.


As the world continues to shift towards a more sustainable future, Swire Projects strives to continue to be an essential partner for companies in the renewable energy sector.

Industry Focus

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is one of the most critical industries that supports the global economies. The industry also relies on specialised transportation companies to help with delivering large and heavy equipment, machinery and materials for their operations.


Swire Projects has a track record of successfully delivering complex project cargo shipments for the world’s leading oil and gas industry comapnies, thanks to the deep understanding of the requirements, meticulous planning, robust safety management systems and strong project management skills.


Our experienced team of professionals, including transport engineers, are always ready to work closely with clients to develop tailored solutions that meet specific project requirements.

Industry Focus


The mining industry has seen a surge in growth and Swire Projects understands the unique challenges associated with mining projects, including need to transport large and heavy equipment, machinery and materials, sometimes to remote locations.


This is where Swire Projects excels by providing necessary expertise, equipment, and resources to ensure that mining project cargoes are delivered safely and on time. To do this we offer a range of services including transport engineering solutions, project management, on-site support for loading and unloading of cargo, even in remote sites.


Swire Projects is committed to providing exceptional service to the mining industry and our team of experts is always on hand to provide support and guidance throughout the process. With our focus on safety, efficiency and reliability, we are the ideal partner for any mining project.   

Industry Focus

Power Generation

The transportation of power generation equipment requires careful planning and coordination to ensure that all components arrive at their destination on time and in good condition.


Our team of experienced professionals has proven track record of handling power generation equipment, including turbines, generators, and transformers. Our approach is to provide a customised transportation solution that meets the client’s specific needs. We understand that not all power generation equipment transportation is the same, and we will work closely to ensure the equipment are transported safely and efficiently.


With our extensive experience, advanced fleet of heavy lift vessels and commitment to safety, we are the ideal partner for power generation cargo transportation needs.

Industry Focus

Construction & Infrastructure

Swire Projects understands the unique challenges that come with transporting oversized, heavy, and specialised cargoes for construction and infrastructure projects.


Whether its large modules, heavy equipment, steel beams, pipes or other specialised cargoes for construction or infrastructure projects, our team is ready to provide a reliable, safe, and effective shipping solution that meet specific requirements.

Industry Focus

Rolling & Floating Cargo

Swire Projects prides itself in being able to carry a diverse mix of cargoes including heavy and outsized rolling stock as well as delicate floating cargo.


Our vessels are equipped with heavy lift cranes, which allows us to offer our floating cargo clients the ability to load and discharge their cargoes directly from the water or from the wharf safely and efficiently.


Our team of experienced transport engineers provide specialised solutions to ensuring that delicate cargo such as a luxury yacht and commercial vessels are handled with utmost care during loading, transportation and discharge.


When it comes to outsized rolling stock such as large vehicles and cranes, we have the extensive professional expertise to handle such cargo safely. We offer dedicated operations for loading, stowage, securing and discharge to ensure that utmost safety is taken during delivery of such cargo.

Industry Focus


Beyond traditional focus on project and heavy lift cargoes, Swire Projects also offers capabilities of transporting bulk cargoes.


Our fleet of multipurpose tweendeck vessels with box shaped holds allows us to transport a mix of commodity cargoes in bulk such as coal, grains, seeds, and fertilizers.


Our team has extensive knowledge of the requirements and procedures needed to transport such cargo safely and efficiently.


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Plant & machinery; structural steel, capital equipment, tubulars, rail wagons, camp units, yachts & IMDG.

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Wind energy, pipeline, marine civil infrastructure, power and transport projects with breakbulk and heavy lift requirements.

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Early works

Bulk shipping solutions for cement, aggregates and steel, including projects with limited or no port infrastructure.

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Feasibility and conceptual studies; lifting, lashing & stowage plans; port captains in key loading - discharging locations; project management.

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Contact Us

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